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Baby Bibs safe and sound

A look at Baby Bibs safe and sound as a pound.an english saying if its good we shall tell you if its bad we will also tell you which bibs we recommend and which are a complete waste of time.

bibs for younger babies need to do 3 jobs, keep baby clothes protected during milk feeds,catch dribbles from baby. plus to wipe over babys face after a feed to absorb the milk excess around the mouth.

As baby starts to east solids him/herself around 9 months the bib will need to be larger to cover the whole chest area.This is where other bibs come into play which can be a cause of concern.

Many wholesalers stock such a huge range these days you think umm which baby bib should i buy for  my baby. Here is a closer look the health and safety aspect of baby bibs for your baby

1.Buy bibs that are Phthalate free, or phthalate esters, are esters of phthalic acid and are mainly used as plasticizers (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility it is dangerous for babies many companies are now offering safer alternatives.

2.Plastic bibs with crumb catcher ...These type of plastic bibs for babies used when finger feeding or beginning to use a spoon are not comfy for a babys neck its rough it fastens in a multi hole clasp at the back of the neck and can be fastened far too tight.see pics we do not recommend this type of bib for your baby.


A suitable alternative is the cotton bib with crumb catcher at the bottom of the bib see pics...we recommend this type of crumbcatcher baby bib.


3. some Tie bibs with plastic backing are not suitable for tumble drying, they crack split and are then rough and should be thrown away and not used.A good alternative are 100% cotton velcro popper fastening, towelling popover bibs for babies on solids are excellent.

4. Toddler bibs like these are excellent for painting but food just runs off them and onto babys knees offering no protection for the lower half of the clothing and then you end up changing your babys clothes afterall.


this bib is a better alternative for toddlers eating...

Cotton smock type.

wash care of your baby's bibs.

for newborns up to babys on solids.

1.hygiene... milk turns sour, put the bib into the wash straight away after use do not leave hanging around.even breast milk and can go green mouldy if you only leave them hanging around and only wash once a week.Wash them daily seperate from the families washing use a nion biological washing powder for baby wear.

2.For baby's on solids scrape of any food excess into the bin before washing, soak blackcurrant stains etc in cold water before putting into the wash.It should come out easier.You will clog up the washer if you just throw the bib in first with large lumps of food on.


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