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Handmade Premature Baby Clothes Knits

Hand knitted premature baby clothes, Hand crochet tiny baby clothing the skills still carry on in parts of the uk.

When a newborn arrives it's a time of joy and celebration, family and friends will no doubt want to see the newborn baby and buy the new arrival something cute and colourful.This gift usually takes the form of a soft teddy bear or first size baby clothing If baby is born weighing 8lb plus. If However you need to  buy a present for a premature baby it can be a little bit more difficult to source clothing of the correct size.

 Years ago premature babies would have been dressed in either hand me downs or even dolls clothes, times have now changed and there is now an wider selection of premature baby clothes at Cheeky Chums Premature baby clothes superstore.including neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) vests, wraps,gowns, special care baby unit (SCBU) rompersuits,onsies,sleepsuits as well as complete clothing sets to fit premature babies from 1lbs to 8lbs.The online premature baby clothes superstore has such an extensive range of premature baby clothes to fit your tiny babyor , premature baby.If you are an overseas buyer we use the term preemie baby, early baby, neonatal baby and special care baby.

Handmade knits for premature babies.

This supersatore not only stocks machine knitted garments in tiny sizes but a vast array of hand made knitted clothes and crochet baby clothing.

 so few families have passed down the skills in knitting and crocheting these days.It is such a delicate craftmanship  that is very much forgotton.The time and effort that goes into making these gorgeous clothes is well worth a purchase to keep these skills going and passed down to the next generation.we felt it best to offer this range for mums who want something specially created,Hand made with loving care for the tender little infant that will wear them. 

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