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This section of the site looks at a selection Premature Baby Care Units Worldwide.

In India the hospitals in Mumbai, Pune, Manipal and Mangalore have well equipped departments and highly trained paediatric surgeons to deal with congenital diseases and emergency paediatric problems, this trained paediatric physiotherapist ensure early rehabilitation of children and the premature baby. These hospitals also have 5 to 10 beds NICU. It  looks after tiny premature babies, even weighing less then 1 kg. The facilities include radiant warmers to maintain their temperature. Phototherapy units treat jaundice and special ventilators manage babies with breathing/respiratory problems along with continuous monitoring of pulse & ECG. Some of these hospitals also have transport incubators & 24 hours ambulance services to transport babies from different places to these hospitals.

United Emirates

A leading Hospital near Abu Dhabi was designed for the treatment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology patients, as well as neonates needing special care immediately after birth. The hospital is sponsored and funded by the Abu Dhabi Government and is managed by the Allied Medical Bahrain company.

The hospital has a total of 188 beds, split into 156 Obstetrics and 32 Gynaecology beds. There are six wards of single and twin bedded rooms, 6 VIP suites, 1 Royal suite, a 30 cot special care baby unit and a 17 room delivery suite. In addition, there are 3 operating theatres adjacent to the delivery suites and special baby care unit for a premature baby.
The Special Care Baby unit is a busy unit with a high occupancy rate, (normally nearly 100% occupied). The equipment is modern and an ongoing capital equipment program helps to keep up standards.


Australia The Intensive and Special Care Nurseries are the largest in Victoria with a cot capacity of 58. This comprises 17 intensive care cots and 41 special care baby unit cots.

Care is provided for neonates and their families in a multidisciplinary environment, with integrated services from medical and nursing personnel, social workers, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, biomedical engineering, chaplaincy services, radiography and pathology departments. All staff are highly committed to the provision of quality care within a family centred approach. In addition, the Department is a major training unit for both nursing and medical staff who wish to pursue further training and skill acquisition in this highly specialised field.

 Arkansas USA  Children's Hospital NICU cares for babies throughout the region who require specialized care. The NICU team consists of specialists who are equipped to provide the care a neonate requires.providing Physical Therapy, Social Services, a Lactation Consultant, a Nutritionist, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Pastoral Services, and more.

Premature babies and sick full term infants, who require a longer stay in the hospital,have an increased risk for developmental delays.  Developmental therapy services are provided in the NICU at ACH.  Developmental therapy service providers in our NICU include: physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and child life specialists.  Starting therapy during the hospital stay can prevent developmental delays and reduce developmental delays. All of the developmental therapists in the NICU serve as resources to parents, caregivers and other healthcare providers by offering ongoing training and education.  A referral from the doctor is made before your baby can receive therapy services.  These therapy services are tailored to meet each baby’s specific needs.


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