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Premature-Baby-Clothing Brands at Cheeky Chums.

This superstore features premature baby clothing sourced from all over the world.

In the UK we found problems galore when it came to providing premature baby clothing that was really nice not just the only item to hand.Many clothes in the UK baby shops alone stock clothes in a slightly smaller size but they do not come up to scratch comparing them to the actual body measurements of early babies.

The main brands of premature baby clothing in the UK apart from supermarkets own labels are Tiny Dee,Early Arrival,Zip Zap.Baby Basics.

Our verdict on these lines...

  • Tiny Dee award winning clothes good range offered usually changed twice a year.
  • Zip Zap limited styles but very cute.
  •  Early Arrival cutting down on the amount of early baby clothes they have available.
  •  Baby Basics a very basic line in clothing although some items offered wash nice time after time,only available in 2 premature sizes.

Cheeky Chums offer more these and even more brands of premature baby clothing now. These are the premature and neonatal brands to look out for and our reasons why?

  • Nanny Nicu available in more premature baby sizes for micro premature babies.Available in bright cheerful colours as well as traditional pinks and blues.researched and fully developed with direct input from baby specialists and neonatal nursing staff.The sizes are more realistic to actual baby body measurements of early babies.Ranges added to each month for added diversity plus the most popular lines repeated each year.Includes Laundry bags with babys name printed on for a more personalized gift.
  • Snuggies offer socks for the tinest feet the smallest socks on the market from 0-2lb 0000000, 000000 1-5lb upwards.plus assessories such as tiny nappies ,bibs, soft shoes etc .
  •  Titch provide Clothes and assessories in little miracle sizes with a huge range of cardigans, cardgian sets knits and crochet items in micro premature baby sizes upwards to newborn 12lb in weight.
  •  Effronte Amour a french collection of limited addition premature baby clothing a designer range brand.
  • Something Precious for little ones that dont make it bereavement gowns and complete clothing sets from 5 inches in length.Cribs,Pouches and appropriate sympathy cards.
  • Stocked from August 2010 In-Safe-Hands Christian baby burial gowns in soft cottons and acrylic baby wools for babies under 3lb.
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