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This Premature baby store expanded as a superstore to offer mums more choices for premature baby clothes.the socks range at Cheeky Chums covers every type of sock design in the most tinest of premature baby sizes.

 preemie baby socks start from 1-3lb in ankle socks. A light weight fabric with the socks just covering the ankle bone of ther foot. You will find it hard to locate these types of socks anywhere else in the world for premature babies.Cheeky Chums have them here.

Frilly premature baby socks.look in high street shops and you can find frilly socks for newborn babies 10lb plus very easily.Shop for premature baby socks with frilly trims to match your baby girls pretty dresses and its a no no there isnt many shops that stock them. Cheeky Chums stock a very good section of frilly premature baby socks from 3-5lb upwards and a select few in the tinest size premature babies 1-3lb .

Tiny Baby Boys socks in cute designs yes Cheeky chums stock these many styles in numerous colourways from light blues, navy blues, greens, beige,cream,or patterned.You cna find teddies, elephamnts,puppies all so sweet to coordinate with most your sons tiny outfits all here at one store.

Early baby socks for baby boys start from 0-2lb in a slimmer fitting or 1-3lb in pastel shades.Choose a size 000000 for 1-5lb,0000 for 3-5lb or 000 for 5-8lb. A few lines are stated if they are on the pack as prem sizes but we feel they are more newborn -3 month so you know before hand which will fall off too easily and which to avoid then.The last thing you need is socks slipping off and you have to keep stopping the pram to put them on again.

Crochet premature baby socks for little girls.introduced a few years ago and yet very popular.They come in crochet cotton thread trimming by crochet specialists.you will find these in very pretty pinks, whites,lemons with the most intricate of workmanship and bows to add a finished touch. Making socks ever more so special for tiny baby feet.

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