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Premature Baby Dummies

A look at which is which Premature Baby Dummies,Premature Dummy, Best preemie pacifier,a Soother for tiny baby.


A premature baby dummy is sometimes known all over the world under different names.Premature Baby Dummies,Preemie baby pacifiers, Tiny Baby Soothers.


What ever the name a premature baby dummy  still offers the same job roles. to comfort a baby, to settle distressed baby,To help develop the sucking reflexes needed for feeding.

Whatever the motif to purchase one which do you buy that's bests for your baby. Mum has just given birth early, and baby is in the NICU. She gives strict orders for daddy to Nip to the supermarket and there are so many sothers to choose from.

A Dad shopping for a premature dummy may not know which to pick up.Mum said grab a tiny baby dummy and dad looks at them bewildered. So many lines of dummies here are just a few that may be displayed along the aisles.

Here are a few pointers... dummies in supermarkets tend to cater for 00 size newborn 0-3month,0-6 month. There may be many out there for fashion proud parents.Designer dummies costing £25.00 for one dummy. you buy one then guess what its too big for baby's mouth. What a waste of money and precious time. So Cheeky Chums only stock premature baby dummies.The preemie pacifiers at Cheeky Chums are specially created for a tiny baby whose needs are different to that of a newborn born weighing say 8lb plus. if baby is born early it needs to learn sucking skills it would have had time to if it had stayed in mums tummy full term. So buying a newborn dummy! forget it just yet leave that until later.


What you need to look at to purchase is one of these premature baby dummies...

changes made to this page the manufactuer have changed their rules because only hospitals are allowed to provide thee dummies from now on the company doesnt want the public to buy them direct..

The Wee Thumbie a premature dummy designed specifically for use by very low birth weight babies for a premature baby 30 weeks gestation and under.

The Wee Thumbie a pacifier designed specifically for use by very low birth weight babies for premature baby 30 weeks gestation and under.


Modeled after the size and shape of the preemie thumb, this pacifier helps babies to learn the valuable sucking reflex usually learned inside your womb.The Wee Thumbie dummy was designed with the unique requirements of the earliest of premature babies in mind; its uniquely shaped nipple helps to keep the preemie pacifier centred and allows space for oral and nasal tubes to taped in placed to assist in baby's beathing and feeding via the nose. The Wee Thumbie premature dummy is latex free silicone.  Once the premature baby is breast or bottle feeding, he or she should make the transition to the Wee Soothie premature baby dummy or the Soothie preemie pacifier.
The wee soothie
premature baby dummy  use for babies born 30-34 weeks gestation.
approx babies approx up to 6lb in weight. The Wee Soothie is designed to provide a superior fit for growing preemies or smaller term babies for use during their hospital stay. The notched area allows space for tubing from CPAP, mechanical ventilation or tube feeding.helps sooth a distressed premature baby during tests,helps with the transition from tube to bottle or breast feeding easier
at 34 weeks gestation then the Nicu soothie is suitable...


The Nicu soothie preemie baby pacifier, premature baby dummy for babies from 34 weeks gestation.



The NICU Soothie is a premium pacifier designed for early babies The specially created area allows a space for tubing from CPAP, mechanical ventilation or tube feeding. Babies should be moved onto the Soothie premature baby dummy as feeding is esablished prior to discharge.

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