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Valuable premature babies information page ,premature birth advice,Worried about Premature labour,scroll down this page and discover all you need to know in this section of our premature baby website.Knowing some facts can help prepare you just incase it may effect you.

( Always seek medical advice from your midwife or doctor if you suspect you may be going into Premature labour).

When am I likely to have a premature birth ?

The birth of your baby before 37  weeks gestation or pregnancy.

Babies are considered to be full term from the 38th week of pregnancy. Full term babies  will have had enough time in the womb for their bodies to develop and function normally at delivery, and they will have the best chance of healthy start and all round development.

What are the chances of having a premature birth?

7% of all births results in a premature delivery.

Risk factors


The risk of experiencing a premature birth is slightly higher for women who are under 20 or over 35.

A multiple pregnancy. The overstretching of the womb that occurs in a multiple pregnancy is thought to increase the risk of premature labour.

Smoking, using drugs, high caffeine intake.Aa poor diet, being underweight and too much over-strenuous physical activity can also all increase the risk of having a premature baby.

A look at premature labour


  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Antenatal haemorrhage
  • Illness in mum, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease
  • Cervical incompetence
  • Foetal abnormalities or baby death
  • Is there any treatment available for premature labour?

    If you are early on in your pregnancy 24 weeks plus the doctors will try to reduce you going in to established labour.Under this gestation of pregnancy it is not always possible to save a little one although occasionally some babies of 23-24 week pregnancies have survied.

    Certain drugs to stop contractions, ties to keep the cervix from dilating and antibiotics to treat infection. However, none is very effective it just may delay things a little.

    Drugs that stop contractions (tocolytics) help in about a quarter of cases, but rarely work for more than 48 hours. They also carry some risks, especially if the membranes have ruptured.Mainly given until the mum can get to a hospital with a special care baby unit.

    At the same time, treatments can be given to prepare the baby for an early arrival, such as steroid drugs to help mature the lungs. These may reduce the risk of complications, halving the severity of respiratory distress syndrome. (baby has breathing problems).

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