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Premature Baby Loss+ Baby Bereavement

Baby bereavement, premature baby loss and a stillborn birth.

The devastating news that baby has passed away after a premature delivery can come as a huge shock for any parent.To know that baby didn't make it to full term is terribly sad.On the occassion that a member of your family's baby has died in the womb and will still have to be born is known as a stillborn baby birth or stillborn baby delivery.

Being prepared for the actual delivery is one of the toughest experiences you will have to go through as a whole family.Yet it is one where you can all draw strength from each other under the sadest of circumstances.

At Cheeky Chums superstore for premature babies the staff are sensitive to the needs of a family at this tragic time.A baby bereavement section has been added to accomodate the needs of the tinest of infants that don't make it to full term, and are in desperate need of clothes to fit for a final sleep.

Mummy can still have the chance even for just once or twice to dress baby in something wonderful in the most micro of premature baby sizes from this department.

The alternative would be a family member hunting around doll shops for something small.You may find something small but it won't always be to mums taste. Why should mum have to make do ! Mum needs to create has many good memories of the last moments spent with baby as possible.Not just to see baby wrapped in a blanket,but to say final goodbyes with as much dignity, respect and love as possible.

Even if a pregnancy ended much earlier than 24 weeks and after 16 weeks The Baby bereavement section at Cheeky Chums has something special for the tinest of delicate babies.Bruising occurs too easily on a baby earlier than 20 weeks so its not always possible to dress baby in a full outfit this small. The baby burial pouch and bereavement cribs are the appropriate resting sets for babies born at this gestation size.

The baby bereavement section also offers appropriate sympathy cards for early baby losses and a stillborn birth. when words are often too difficult to portray to the family. Cheeky Chums also offer a page where you find inspirational words of comfort to add to your card.

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