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Premature Baby Clothes Sizes at Cheeky Chums


We look at the Premature baby clothes Sizes at The Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes superstore.


Cheeky Chums have wrote many articles on the internet warning mums wanting clothes to check the sizings they may concider when buying premature baby clothes and products. You can read the findings at the bottom of this page but as an overal conclusion Cheeky Chums cover all tiny baby sizes from 0-1lb up to 5-8lb in the Premature baby sizes.

Many choices giving you as many slecetions as possible not only in colours, product range and diversity of clothing styles but every size imaginable for premature babies.

You will find 0-1lb,1-2lb,2-3lb,0-2lb,1-3lb,3-5lb,4-6lb,5-8lb PLUS....

You can also have the options to choose in cm or inches hats sizes ,or gowns sizes etc.

On the very sad occassion mum may require a baby bereavement outfit even these come in sizes from an amazing 5 inches upwards.







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