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Special Care SCBU

Mother and Baby Units,Special Care Baby Unit,Sick Newborn SCBU,SCBU,A look at the special care baby unit

A baby born premature or a sick newborn may need to be transfered from a normal maternity unit into a special care baby unit.(Also known as the SCBU, pronounced sker-boo)

Babies from 26 weeks can be looked after in special care baby units.Used for closer monitoring or treatment after surgery until fit enough to go home.

It is the least intensive of the care units, of the 4 levels of care a baby may need.

special care baby unit (SCBU) is a specialist ward that a baby will be admitted onto if it requires medical help after birth.

 Temperatures within SCBU is usually cooler than that of the NICU, and some SCBUs may feature an even cooler room to help acclimatise a baby to the temperatures they will experience when allowed home.

Babies who require special care could also need help with the transition of tube feeding to bottle or breast with feeding, or keeping warm prior to leaving for home..


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